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Mapping a Business Event to a Site Template or Site Definition

The Partner Portal application exposes a service that automates the creation of collaboration sites. The service is triggered by business events. One event is when there is a support incident and the other is when there is an order exception. A mapping is maintained between the business event and a site definition or a site template to create for the event. You can use the browser to change the mapping between a site and a template. This is shown in the following procedure.

To map a site to a global template
  1. Navigate to the root page of the site collection.
  2. Under Lists, select the site template mapping list.
  3. Select the list item whose template you want to change. Click Edit Item.
  4. Enter the name of the new site template in the Site Template field.
  5. Click OK.As an example, here is how to change the site template that is used when an incident management site is created. This example assumes that you have an updated template to replace the original template.
  1. Go to partner central, and navigate to the SPGSubsite tab.
  2. Select the business event site template mapping from the quicklaunch menu.
  3. Click on Incident.
  4. Click on Edit Item.
  5. Enter the name of the new template in the Site Template field.

More Information

For information on how an incident subsite is created, see Creating an Incident Subsite in the Incident Management Walkthrough.

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