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Backlog for Version 2

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undef is work not yet scheduled for an iteration
current anticipated cut line is around 80-85

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Stack Rank Bucket Backlog Item Completed Iteration
1 Enterprise Apps Security review for RI (SWI review) FALSE Undef
2 Enterprise Apps Spike on caching techniques for sharepoint applications TRUE 0
3 Enterprise Apps "Contrast/compare caching technologies available, including MOSS output, object and blob caching, ASP.NET cache, EntLib cache, Velocity, ASP.NET Session, ASP.NET Application" FALSE Undef
4 Enterprise Apps What are SharePoint's caching mechanisms and why would we go beyond SP caching FALSE Undef
5 Enterprise Apps "Select 3 caching scenarios to include in RI. For example, Expensive, highly stable, reference data, Content authored via WCM, User specific or role specific data" FALSE Undef
6 Enterprise Apps "Show matrix or decision tree of which technology to use based on following considerations: security, coherency (cross site, site collection, farm), persistance, where in the lifecyle of the data to cache (data, business, ui layers) ..." FALSE Undef
6 Data and Services Spike on exposing a WCF service from SharePoint TRUE 0
7 Enterprise Apps Spike on how to manage application configuration TRUE 0
8 Enterprise Apps Spike: Develop service that lives outside of HTTPContext that can provide cache dependency FALSE Undef
9 Enterprise Apps Spike on session state TRUE 0
10 Enterprise Apps When and how to use user session state FALSE Undef
11 Enterprise Apps Define the MOSS dependencies on session state and the constraints that imposes on applications runing within the same web application FALSE Undef
12 Enterprise Apps Spike on how to manage exceptions with SharePoint TRUE 0
13 Enterprise Apps Configure and manage Extranet TRUE 2
14 Enterprise Apps "Define the persistence optionsa and implications for user session state, and decision tree to aide in choosing (in memory, session server, SQL, SSP" FALSE Undef
15 Content Driven Apps Spike on ALM for custom page layouts TRUE Undef
16 Enterprise Apps Spike on patterns for buildng high performance applications (information architecture?) FALSE Undef
17 Enterprise Apps Spike on list access techniques for SharePoint applications TRUE 0
18 Enterprise Apps Demonstrate basic list performance techniques FALSE Undef
19 Enterprise Apps Demonstrate proper techniques for doing a cross list aggregation query. For example show all tasks assigned to me accross all sites in the site collection. FALSE 4
20 Enterprise Apps Do a targeted query of a list that lives in a different site collection. FALSE 4
21 Enterprise Apps How to programatically retrieve search results and display to achieve improved performance FALSE 4
22 Data and Services Spike managing security credentials for backend and database services. TRUE 0
23 Data and Services Spike: Consume a WCF service from SharePoint TRUE 0
24 Data and Services Deomonstrate WCF + BDC integration using basic http binding in RI or How-to TRUE 2
25 Data and Services Writing a custom web part to display Business Data using the BDC TRUE 2
26 Data and Services Demonstrate calling WCF services from Web Part using proxy class configured through web.config TRUE 2
27 Data and Services Displaying Business Data using Business Data Web Part TRUE 2
28 Data and Services Demonstrate calling WCF services from Web Part using proxy class with programatic endpoint and binding metadata discovery pattern FALSE 6
29 Data and Services Guidance topic/ Decision matrix for when it is appropriate to use SharePoint SSO TRUE 3
30 Data and Services Exposing a service from SharePoint using a dedicated web application (hosted outside SharePoint Context TRUE 3
32 Data and Services Demonstrate using custom SSO with WCF for credential management TRUE 2
33 Data and Services Demonstrate using standard SSO with WCF for credential management TRUE 2
34 Data and Services Securing BDC. when to use Impersonation or Trusted subsystem model; what authentication modes is used with the models. What authorization model should be used? TRUE 3
35 Data and Services Exposing a service from SharePoint using a virtual path provider within the SharePoint context FALSE 4
36 Data and Services Walkthrough or How to for setting up SSO in MOSS TRUE 2
37 Data and Services Spike: can we use SSO as a credential store for WCF TRUE 2
38 Data and Services How do I enable Searching on Business Data TRUE 3
39 Data and Services Spike/Demonstrate connecting AJAX/Silverlight controls to a WCF service TRUE 3
40 Data and Services "Decision Matrix and guidance on BDC, WCF, services - help devs/architects make the decision about what technology to use based upon capabilties and SKU requirements." FALSE 9
41 Enterprise Apps Determine the security model around configuration: Who can modify? Should modifications survive system restart FALSE 6
42 Enterprise Apps "How to store configuration information at different hierarchy levels - farm, web app, site collection, site, list" FALSE 6
43 Enterprise Apps "Define different storage mechanisms (including relevance to hierarchy level) including SPPersistedObject, app and web config, xml in feature, property bag, settings file in GAC, root web of sites" FALSE 6
44 Enterprise Apps Validate configuration matrix with product team FALSE Undef
45 Enterprise Apps How to do custom exception management in SharePoint FALSE Undef
46 Enterprise Apps Using EntLib for exception management in SharePoint FALSE Undef
47 Enterprise Apps Review reference implementation for adequate Exception management FALSE Undef
48 Enterprise Apps Define exception management policies for Reference Implementation FALSE Undef
49 Enterprise Apps Where to report exceptions in a SharePoint environment FALSE Undef
50 Content Driven Apps Decision matrix on when to use publishing as part of a collaboration site - cost vs. benefits FALSE 4
50 Enterprise Apps Provide guidance on use of External Collaboration toolkit FALSE 9
51 Enterprise Apps Configure central publishing site with collaboration partner sites TRUE 3
52 Content Driven Apps Setup a publishing farm TRUE 3
52.5 Enterprise Apps globalization of definition files FALSE Undef
52.8 Enterprise Apps Deploying RESX files as part of a feature FALSE Undef
53 Enterprise Apps globalization of code assets FALSE Undef
54 Content Driven Apps "Guidance on authoring Page Layouts, Content Types in SPD and extracting to WSP." FALSE 4
55 Content Driven Apps Guidance around setting up a staged deployment environment for a Publishing Site FALSE 4
56 Content Driven Apps Guidance around performance optimization for publishing sites FALSE 5
57 Content Driven Apps Create a custom field control on a page layout TRUE 0
58 Content Driven Apps Guidance around managing Page Layouts and publishing page content types lifecycle. FALSE 4
59 Content Driven Apps "Combining SPD, browser, and developed components in solution development." FALSE 4
60 Content Driven Apps Demonstrate Rich HTML field control in a page layout TRUE 3
61 Content Driven Apps Demonstrate use of a custom field control with a publishing page FALSE 4
62 Content Driven Apps Describe relationship and management of between master pages and page layouts in publishing TRUE 3
63 Content Driven Apps Establishing roles and permissions in a publishing site FALSE 4
64 Content Driven Apps Generalize subsite creation pattern implementation FALSE 4
65 Content Driven Apps Demonstrate surfacing BDC pages in site collection rather than SSP FALSE 4
66 Data and Services Create WCF pattern that can use BDC as a service endpoint and binding and credentials metadata repository. TRUE Undef
67 Enterprise Apps Spike on stress and performance testing SharePoint applications TRUE 0
68 Content Driven Apps Spike on using search in place of list query - identify approach and scope FALSE Undef
69 Enterprise Apps "Validate approach with product team for read load testing only, and create a community project for load testing." FALSE Undef
70 Enterprise Apps "Test and document running simple readonly testing with RI, and contrast the resutls with full blown load testing" FALSE Undef
71 Enterprise Apps "Develop, test and document running integration tests to stress a SharePoint implementation" FALSE Undef
72 Enterprise Apps "Develop, test and document generating and executing ""above the glass"" testing using VSTS test." FALSE Undef
73 Enterprise Apps "Spike on identifying re-usable elements to simplify generation of ""above the glass"" tests for VSTS." FALSE Undef
74 Enterprise Apps Describe performance analysis steps and tooling for SharePoint FALSE Undef
75 Enterprise Apps Identify and describe SharePoint specific scale testing challenges and solutions. FALSE Undef
76 Content Driven Apps Spike branding and custom navigation for a MOSS application TRUE 0
77 Content Driven Apps How-To for creating a master page in SPD and exporting to VS for packaging as a feature. TRUE 3
78 Content Driven Apps Demonstrate branding Publishing sites through overriding core.css file and linking to master pages FALSE Undef
79 Content Driven Apps Demonstrate creating custom navigation(global/site/page) in RI for application and modifying OTB navigation in publishing sites. FALSE 4
80 Content Driven Apps Guidance topic for authoring masterpages as a feature vs authoring/customizing with SPD TRUE 3
81 Enterprise Apps "Spike on when and how to use CAS, bin vs. GAC" FALSE Undef
82 Enterprise Apps Spike on howto do logging and tracing with SharePoint TRUE 0
83 Enterprise Apps "Provide guidance around when to write to the Windows Event Log, Perf Counter, or Trace Log." FALSE Undef
84 Enterprise Apps "Guidance/decision matrix to help choose which approach / logging sink to use for tracing/logging (ULS, file, eventlog,etc)" FALSE Undef
85 Enterprise Apps "Logging layer abstraction choices, and benefits/costs of eahc choice (entlib, log4net, etc)" FALSE Undef
86 Content Driven Apps "Spike on using content query web part," TRUE 0
87 Content Driven Apps "Creating a customized Content Type Query Web Part with Override properties, including customized style" TRUE 4
88 Data and Services How-to for creating a pluggable SSO provider for existing enterprise SSO store. TRUE 2
89 Data and Services How-to for secure credentials for custom SSO provider FALSE 6
91 Content Driven Apps Setup search environment TRUE 3
92 Content Driven Apps Setting up BDC to crawl search operation TRUE 3
94 Data and Services Spike: What's the dev experience for using the BDC (of v12) to query data TRUE 0
95 Data and Services Approaches to cachling data retrieved from the BDC FALSE 9
97 Data and Services Using BDC related list web part for showing related data TRUE 2
99 RIA Get a silverlight app to interact with SharePoint site. FALSE Undef
100 Enterprise Apps globalization of content (variations) FALSE Undef
101 RIA Get AJAX to work on a SharePoint page TRUE 2
102 Data and Services Transactional support for backend data calls FALSE Undef
103 Security "How to properly use impersonation, when to use impersonation vs.elevating privileges" FALSE Undef
104 Data and Services Spke on cooperating workflows FALSE Undef
105 Data and Services Spike Connection Library Use FALSE Undef
106 Enterprise Apps Spike on developing an capability for identifying when software boundary limits are exceeded (see FALSE Undef
107 Enterprise Apps "Spike on techniques to optimize for low bandwidth connections, examining page weight and approaches to provide good ux under low bandwidth." FALSE Undef
108 RIA "Spike on getting Silverlight ""web parts"" to talk to each other on the client" FALSE Undef
109 RIA Spike on composite web parts FALSE Undef
110 RIA Spike on PRISIM 2.0 FALSE Undef
111 RIA Client-side caching FALSE Undef
112 Content Driven Apps Spike Audience targeting. Is it customizing content based on role? FALSE Undef
113 Enterprise Apps Spike on rolling deployments FALSE Undef
114 Enterprise Apps Spike: Leveraging edge providers like Akamai and WAN accelerators FALSE Undef
199 Content Driven Apps Define/demonstrate differences between page fields and content fields FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Displaying Business Data using Business Data column in a list FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Enabling a Business Data Action to perform a write back to LOB system. FALSE 99
199 Content Driven Apps How to write a custom shim for security trimming search data from an external source FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Howto or quickstart for using MOSS/BDC with SSO out of the box TRUE 99
199 Data and Services Integrating with Geneva for token acquisition FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Pulling in Business Data to user profiles FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Registering LOB application via database connection using BDC Editor Tool FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Registering LOB application via web service using BDC Editor Tool FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Spike on caching UX for BDC web parts (or wrapping to perform caching) FALSE 99
199 Data and Services Spike/Demonstrate creating documents in SharePoint document library using a secured WCF service as part of a orchestration. FALSE 99

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