Integrating SharePoint with existing .NET MVC web site

May 18, 2016 at 3:29 PM
New users to a .NET MVC web site I support need to sign a user access agreement and upload it to the web site. The current process is cumbersome and verification of user acceptance difficult. I think integrating SharePoint will help greatly, particularly the Collect Signatures Workflow.
My thought is to connect to a SharePoint 2013 site which contains the User Acceptance document and kick-off a Collect Signatures workflow using the email address of the new user. The new user would receive an email with a link to the document, open it, attach their digital signature, and save it to the SharePoint site.
I've done research about managing SharePoint workflows with CSOM. I am able to connect to the SharePoint 2013 site from the .NET web site via CSOM client context and Workflow Services. I can see some of the existing workflow definitions on the SharePoint site. I find information regarding CSOM and specifically Collect Signatures Workflow to be piecemeal and sketchy.

Am I on the correct path to achieving my goal - improve the document upload process by integrating SharePoint with my .NET web site?

If so, at this point do I need to create a Collect Signatures Workflow with CSOM, then start it?
Or do I start an existing workflow which has already been created (using SharePoint Designer)? My familiarity with SharePoint usage and terminology is limited - I just haven't used it much.

There is a desire to take further steps with the user access agreements such as determining whether or not a user already has signed one, expanding this to vendor access agreements, etc. SharePoint capabilities seem to lend themselves well to this.