Setup and Validation issues

Apr 27, 2009 at 2:03 AM
First of all thank you for the great effort to build this guide.

I followed the Setup and Validation document and I faced few issues during the installation.
I will add them all later once I got sometime. Now I will list one major issue which is missing some files form setup package:
The above 2 files are not included within the setup folder. There are 2 other files with prefix 07_ they are:

related to this issue, it is mentioned to test http://localhost:9001/sites/pssadmin/default.aspx & http://localhost:9001/sites/pssadmin/SPGSubSite/default.aspx
At the end of page 10 which as to test http://localhost:9001/sites/pssadmin/SPGSubSite/default.aspx has a conflict with the screenshot on the next page (11) where the URL is specify ..../sites/pssportal/SPGSubSite/default.aspx
And this already doesn't exist under pssportal.

I will try to list all the issues later, as it took about 5 hours of installation (including retries because of the issues)

Apr 28, 2009 at 10:41 PM
Nice catch of those documentation issues.

The document is not accurate anymore for the thing that you found in drop 8.

07_CreatePssAdmin.bat is renamed as 07_CreatePartnerCentral.bat in drop 8.

07_CreatePssAdmin_AddUsers.bat is renamed as 07_CreatePartnerCentral_AddUsers.bat

http://localhost:9001/sites/pssadmin/ is replaced with http://localhost:9001/sites/partnercentral