Upgrading list and Site definitions

Nov 5, 2008 at 10:33 PM
I've just read through the new drop of content and it is a nice improvement over the last release.  I was hoping that you might also tackle how to handle ALM issues for lists and site definitions.  Unfortunately I found this in the "Upgrading the training management application" section:

  • List templates. The upgrade makes no changes to list templates.
  • List definitions. The upgrade makes no changes to list definitions.
  • List instances. The upgrade makes no changes to list instances.

    Is there any plan on covering how to handle list and site definition upgrades?

    Also, the guidelines state, "The guidance uses a topology that is recommended for small-sized to medium-sized companies.".  How does this change for large companies?  Is there a plan to cover the differences a large organization would need to consider?  How big is medium?  We are working at a company with about 8,000 employees and I assume this would be considered large?


  • Nov 6, 2008 at 7:21 PM
    The upgrade story around list templates, list definitions and list instances weren't demonstrated in the reference implementation, but we do sections for them in the written guidance. As for site definitions, are guidance really emphasizes using features to encapsulate functionality. Site definitions are really only used to provision new sites. You can upgrade your site defintion, but will only affect new sites not existing sites based on that site definition.

    Most of the core principles and guidance can be applied to large and enterprise companies. Larger companies have difference governance requriements and those may affect decisions to differ from smaller companies. Also, the medium size company recommendation is there to limit the scope for the type of application we wanted to build for the reference implementation. Our next version of the application will probably try to address some more functionality needed for larger enterprises as well as extranet facing sites.