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SharePoint Guidance 2010 Hands On Lab

has been released. It consist of six labs: one for logging, one for service location, and four for application setting manager. Each lab takes about 20 minutes to walk through.

SharePoint 2010 Release now Live on MSDN!! - Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 introduces new ways of developing applications for the SharePoint platform. With SharePoint 2010, you can build multi-tenant, hosted applications on an infrastructure that is scalable, secure, and stable. You can create powerful, data-driven solutions using SharePoint lists or external data. You can create client-side functionality that takes advantage of modern browser capabilities and Silverlight to provide a rich user experience. These new features, operational models, and development tools make SharePoint a more complete application platform, and it also introduces new design and development decisions for customers. This guidance helps customers understand the decision points, tradeoffs, and performance implications that the new functionality introduces; it also helps customers learn how to take best advantage of the new capabilities that SharePoint 2010 provides. It includes a written guide, eight reference implementations, source code for a resuable library, and 25 How-to topics. You can review the Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 on MSDN or download the code and documentation in CHM format. A PDF version is now available. You can download the PDF version from here. This PDF version is preliminary, a final version will be released in the future when a book is completed.

patterns & practices Symposium 2010

SharePoint 2007 Release on MSDN - Developing Applications for SharePoint 2007

The released second version of guidance integrated topics from the orignal version on development and design fundamentals, and expanded coverage to LOB integration, content driven applications, and adding enterprise qualities to your SharePoint applications. The release included a library of reusable components, a guide, and a new reference implementation of a Partner Portal application. It expands upon the first release which delivered a Training Management application, and guidance around unit testing SharePoint, fundamental design and implementation decisions, and how to setup team development environments with SharePoint. You can review the Developing SharePoint Applications - 2009 guidance on MSDN, download the code and documentation in CHM format, download the PDF version of documentation. or See Frequently Asked Questions.

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