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SharePoint Version 2 Guidance -Enterprise quality, content driven SharePoint applications

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What you'll get out of this

SharePoint is a great platform, but there are some hard problems without obvious solutions when building and configuring applications using SharePoint. You get a chance to see the work in progress from patterns and practices, and see how we are thinking about these problems. We have a lot of well known subject matter experts on our board that strongly influence the guidance. You can get early insight into how to address areas like publishing, caching, and integration in these drops.

What you can do to help

We make our guidance real by experiencing our guidance ouselves AND by listening to our customers and advisors feedback. We continually adapt the guidance to the real world. during the development process, a key advantage realized by the use of agile practices. We want you to try the guidance and give us feedback about what works, what doesn't, and what is missing. While I won't make promises that we will change the guidance, I will promise you that we'll listen and consider every comment we get back. Take a look at our backlog and see if the issues we are addressing seem like the right issues to you. The quality and value of our guidance directly corresponds to the quality of feedback we get. We are listening!

What problems are we tackling in this release?

This release of guidance will provide guidance on developing Enterprise quality, content driven SharePoint applications that integrate with existing line of business systems. The guidance will demostrate technical decisions, design patterns, implementations, and architectures for a partner extranet that supports collaboration and content management. We intend to deliver a reference implementation, quickstarts, howtos and a guide this release. We hope that several reusable assets will fall out of this project effort and be delivered as well. If they do, we will package them for general consumption as a library. We won't force this though, we'll only create reusable assets if our work clearly demonstrates a clear need.

Enterprise Quality

  • Tested and well understood scale characteristics
  • Performance tuned application utilizing techniques to acheive high throughput and scale
  • Manageable - configurable with instrumentation and diagnostics

Content Driven

  • An application that mixes authoring and development
  • Composite oriented with moer loosely coupled application logic
  • Employees content authoring and WCM(including publishing)

Extend LOB Systems

  • Securely integrates LOB system information with collaboration and publishing scenarios
  • Demonstrates techniques for managing connectivity to LOB systems (BDC, credential management and SSO, WCF,etc)

Relationship between Reference Implementation (RI) and Quickstarts

Whiile we've received generally favorable feedback from the first release of the guidance, there were some concerns expressed about the learning curve to understand the RI because of the breadth of topics covered and the patterns introduced. When we developed the RI, we only introduced patterns when there was a clear concrete need. For example, we introduced the model-view-presenter pattern when we realized that we could not unit test a large part of our code without it. We introduced the Repository pattern when we saw repeated code for accessing lists popping up all over the place. The bottom line is that we feel good about the patterns introduced, but also understand that in many cases we need to get our audience up and running more quickly. Quickstarts serve two purposes. First in some cases they demonstrate in a more accessible and focused way a particular concept that is also included in the RI. In a second case we may want to introduce alternative approaches to a concept demonstrated in the RI, and we'll do that with a complimentary QuickStart. We believe there is significant value in demonstrating more complex concepts that require an application to illusrate and to drive our own thinking, therefore we'll continue to invest in developing a RI.

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