Developing Framework to reuse across multiple project

May 18, 2009 at 12:13 AM

This is a great project.

Design Pattern are great way to reuse the code across multiple project but issue is not every developer can see it. So if architect is not there to identify these patterns , most of developers end up in writing same code again and again..with no improvement in code quality. 

SharePoint development is difficult for ASP.Net Developers  as they dont know lot of sharepoint so it not a good idea to talk about best practices when they are just starting the development.

In most of the project I was the only one ( with sharepoint knowledge ) leading the team of  ASP.Net Developers to deliver the sharepoint project. For example.. they understand what a list and library but really dont know how to register an event handler to it I have some of my work ( not fully matured ) on codeplex.. ( ), where we have refactored the common items within sharepoint to make it reusable across multiple platform. I think this is 1st step for any new sharepoint deveeloper towards p&p.