Major Issues in MOSS (Search & Document) !!!

Dec 15, 2008 at 1:35 PM

Hi all,


I want to manage and control the indexing in the SharePoint pages, which means I have to find a way allows me to specify which part(s) of the page should be indexed to be search from and which part(s) we have to ignore (Usually we want to ignore all the navigation links which they are usually placed on the top part of the page).


Example: let’s suppose that this is a SharePoint portal:


Then we want to do a search of word "Privacy", our current problem is that if we did search of word "Privacy" the results will be all the pages in the portal which contains word "Privacy" in other words it will bring all the portal pages… why? Simply, because this word "Privacy" exists in the footer of all the pages. So, what do you think…Especially in sense of the results accuracy???


That's why I want this component to allow me ignoring these links wherever they are (Header, Footer, or left side).


Could you please give me hints or clue how to tackle this problem and I will be thankful to you.


Of course, I am not expecting from you to suggest quick-and-dirty solutions :) , such as:


1- iFrame where the Html rendered contains a META – NOINDEX.




2- Make those links as image(s) in the footer.




3- Passing to me links for Crawl Rules or the like, because I have gone through all these links letter by letter and they have nothing to do with what am asking.



*** The second question is:


Is there any MOSS feature that would allow doing composite documents with Office documents? I mean the idea is that you would have a master document and other documents that would inherit it. When the master document is being updated, all the changes would also be inherited downwards? If there is no such feature, what is the best solution to do it?


I really would love and greatly appreciate your professional assistance.


I very much look forward to hearing again from you soon.


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Dec 15, 2008 at 10:44 PM
Hi Alejandro,

MOSS and Search are beyond the scope we developed guidance for in this release, although aspects of both are being considered for our next release.  Since we don't have concrete experience in these topics with our guidance development, we don't have proven experience to draw upon with our work.  With that said...

I am not aware of any fuctionality out of the box as you describe for master/child documents, or a way to centrally make one update to a segment that reflects to all documents that include the segment.

Search is a pretty big topic.  You could try asking your questions to the techent forum for SharePoint (  While I am not an expert in this area, one way you could consider, depending upon your application, to achieve this is to crawl the associated lists instead of crawling the web pages.  Very often SharePoint applications contains information in lists internally (and more specifically, in document libraries).  Even a page can just be a representation of data (an item in a list) with an associated structure(content type) and view of tha structured data(layout).  For example, in the case of a publishing site, the data lives in a document library (the pages library scoped to the site), a layout page describes how to display the data (stored in the Master Page and Page Layout Gallery scoped to the site collection), and a content type associated to the layout and page that describes the structure of the content for that page.  One alternative if you are using this approach (publishing generally takes this approach) is to crawl the data in the page library rather than the actual pages.  This will not include the navigation information that is part of the master page.