Static variable for "_settingStore" synchronization problem across web app

Jun 19, 2012 at 8:35 AM

I'm trying to create an admin application page on central admin web app to maintain (update) a spfarm app settings using IConfigManager, set config level to ConfigLevel.CurrentSPFarm. 

when i try to access the same setting in a web part on another web app (same farm), i'm still reading the old value.

i try to dig into the SPG code and i found out that they actually using a static variable to store all propertybags called _settingStore whenever we make changes on it will call reset() to set it to null, but this only happen on central admin domain (since i only implement update functionality on central admin). because its a static variable other web app will not get refresh unless we do a iisreset/recycle on the target web app.

is it a bug or intended implementation, any solution on this one? beside changing the SPG code?