SharePointServiceLocator configuration

May 7, 2012 at 2:46 PM

Two issues.

First of all - why doesn't the ServiceLocator support configuration stores on SPWeb objects?

Second question... assuming I have a farm configuration for a certain type mapping and a site configuration as well. Whenever I disable one of the features - the other type mapping doesn't get picked up.

The documentation says: "The service locator instances for the site collection level and the farm level are cached. The site collection-level service locator instances are periodically refreshed to pick up any new type mappings. You can configure this interval by using the SetSiteCacheInterval method in the IServiceLocatorConfig interface. By default, the site collection-level service locator instances are refreshed every 60 seconds. At this point, the configuration settings are checked for changes by comparing timestamps with the cached values. If the configuration settings have changed, the service locator instance is reloaded with the new settings."

However the type mapping is not being updated... ever.
SharePointServiceLocator.cs, line 340:
if (siteserviceLocatorConfig.LastUpdate > entry.LoadTime) 

Unfortunately LastUpdate is always null... ? And why would that be?